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07. WOOD-Mu

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Strength, flexibility, warmth, generosity, co-operation, idealism, expansive, outgoing, socially conscious, growth, beginnings, spring, sensuality and fecundity, patience, altruism

WOOD/Mu is one of the Five Chinese Elements. In Taoist thought and Chinese Medicine WOOD is the most Yang with the movement upwards and growing energy for springtime, east. The associated planet is Jupiter and the color green. WOOD influences the liver, gall bladder, eyes and tendons. WOOD connotes strength and flexibility like bamboo. A WOOD person seeks ways to grow and expand; celebrates the beginning of life, springtime, sensuality and fecundity and needs moisture to survive. WOOD’s negative energy is anger while it’s positive feelings are patience and altruism.

The pictogram for Wood or Tree once depicted a mirror image of roots and branches above and below the earth. Here the horizon line becomes part of the branches. Trees like humanity connect earth and sky - rooted in the

Size: 1" High x 1"Wide