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08. METAL-GOLD-Jinshu

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Stability, persistence, determination, firmness, rigidity, set-in-your way, strength, self-reliant, controlling, ambitious, forceful, generative powers, strong impulses, transformative, wise, business-oriented, organized, luxury, controlling, strong-willed

METAL/GOLD/Jin is one of the Five Chinese Elements. In Taoist thought and Chinese Medicine METAL connotes rigidity, strength, controlling, forceful and ambitious but patient. METAL is associated with air, the color white (death) and the white planet Venus rising in the west. METAL governs the lung and large intestine, nose and skin. The negative emotion is grief. METAL connotes movement inward and contracting (Yin), autumn, old age, the west. The metal person is courageous, strong-willed, conducts energy and can transform those they touch. They are organized, wise, stabile and enjoy luxury and the good things in life.

The character for METAL/GOLD/Jin is made up of several other basic characters. The top of the character is the two strokes for HUMAN/Ren. Below that is the character for EARTH/Tu with two small sparks like FIRE/Huo on its base. Thus, Man combines earth and fire to make metal.

Size 1.25" High x 1.25"Wide