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03. FIRE-Huo

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Summer, South, Mars, Red, extreme luck, expansive, daylight, dynamic, strength, persistence, restlessness, warmth, enthusiasm, creativity, aggression, impatience and impulsive, heat, warmth, burn, energetic, forceful, drive, passion, motivation, intention, outgoing spirit

FIRE/Huo is one of the Five Chinese Elements. In Taoist thought and Chinese Medicine FIRE attributes are expansive energy, motion upward (Yang), the color red, the planet Mars, warmth, heat, summer, dynamic and persistent energies. However, in extremes FIRE can bring restlessness, impulsiveness, anger, even hate and war. FIRE is “yang” or expansive energy associated with the heart, small intestines, tongue and body pulse or metabolism. As FIRE can provide warmth, passion, motivation and creativity, it can also burn.

The original pictogram was one flame and two sparks rising from a log. The character now has Humanity/Ren at the center with two long strokes suggesting a wide variety of human traits - warmth, strength, danger and anger. The two short strokes for the sparks are in other characters signifying fire or heat. When you combine FIRE/Huo with Steam/Qi it means anger.

Size: 1.25" High x 1.25" Wide