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01. WATER-Shui

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Intelligence, wisdom, flexibility, softness, pliancy, indecisive, fluid, weak but great destructive powers of flood, rivers, lakes, oceans, flowing, formless, plants, blood, emotions towards change like defensiveness, suppleness, adaptability, magnetism.

WATER/Shui is one of the Five Chinese Elements. In Taoist thought and Chinese Medicine WATER motion is downward and inward (Yin) while the energy is stillness and conservation. The WATER colors are black, blue, grey representing night, north, winter, cold weather and the planet Mercury and the Moon. WATER governs the kidney, bladder, ears and bones. The negative emotion is fear/anxiety and the positive is calmness.

The pictograph for WATER/Shui evolved from the ancient three parallel wavy lines. The contemporary character’s movement is downward portraying a central current with eddies and drops of water. When WATER/Shui is paired with WIND/Feng – Feng-Shui denotes flowing energy in a place of prosperity and peace to build a house, business or place of importance.

Size 1.25" High x 1.25"Wide